Release notes (Apr 23-Apr 30, 2021)

Take a peek at the latest features and fixes from Dutchie!

Features: 🏗 🏪

Drivers license saved to orders if entered at checkout

If your store requires customer to fill-in a Driver’s License Number field at checkout, it will now appear in the Order details on all orders, regardless of customers being logged in or not.

Pillbox not visible on checkout sale summary

We've added pillboxes to the Checkout Summary section to make it clearer to customers what discounts they are getting on each product in their cart.

Fixes: 🏥 🩺

Ghost notifications on the Terminal

Previously, some dispensary partners mentioned that their order Terminal would make notifications sounds, even when there wasn't an incoming order (Spooky!!). We've cleared out those ghost notifications, and will now only notify you where there is a real-live customer order.

Offers not working as intended when selecting "Any Weight"

When setting conditions for products in Offers under Total Quantity, "Any Weight" is now an acceptable value by default, allowing you to properly set the condition and move onto Rewards.

Filter out duplicate options on condition/reward drop-downs

This fix removes the duplicates of 'Any Weight' and 'Any Brand' in the dropdown list of rewards and conditions on the Promote page.

Coupon discount permissions and dropdown

Populates existing coupon codes in Orders > Click into existing order > Edit order > Add discount > “Apply a Coupon Code” dropdown. Users with “Orders” permissions can add a discount.

Invalid emails on orders

Fixes email field at guest checkout. If guest checkout is enabled, and "Require email address for guest checkout" is disabled, then the email field does not appear at checkout.

Don't allow customers to input messages when their conversation is closed by dispensary

Fixed an issue where consumers were able to respond in conversations that had been closed by a dispensary admin. Now, when a conversation is closed or deleted by the dispensary, the chat input is disabled for the consumer.

Jared Barrett

Jared Barrett

Sr. Product Marketing Manger