Release notes (Aug 20-Aug 27, 2021)

Take a peek at the latest features and fixes from Dutchie!

Features: 🏗 🏪

Enrich your product listings with terpenes and cannabinoids

We launched a fresh new way to engage and educate customers with interactive terpene and cannabinoid content directly on Dutchie product listings.

With this release dispensaries can easily transform cannabis testing data into customer education on any product, allowing them improve product listings and impress customers with engaging, interactive cannabis education across any Dutchie menu.

Dutchie Ecommerce admins can check out this feature by navigating to Menu > Product within their account to easily add or update a products terpene and cannabinoid information.

Dutchie Ecommerce customers can read this help article to learn more.

Add original item price to product weight tiles

This feature update adds the original item price with strikethrough text to individual product weight tiles, as well as on the product options list so customers can see both the original and discounted price for an item.

Example image of individual product weight tiles
Example image of products in list view

Fixes: 🏥 🩺

Previously, selecting the "View" link next to each category for Menu Score redirected admin users to the "All Products" page. This now fixed so selecting the "View" link will now redirect the user to that product category on the menu.

Jared Barrett

Jared Barrett

Sr. Product Marketing Manger