Release notes (Mar 26-Apr 02, 2021)

Take a peek at the latest features and fixes from Dutchie!

Features: πŸ— πŸͺ

Chain admins can edit payment types

Previously, Chain Admins did not have permission to edit Payment Type in Settings > Store Info. Now, Chain Admins can now view, edit, and save the Payment Types section.

Puerto Rico as valid med cart state for Humacao

Humacao dispensary can now accept Puerto Rico β€œPR” as the Medical Card State at checkout.

Previously, when printing an order for the Orders tab, there was no indication if a user's print order request was successful or failed. Moving forward, when printing an order, a green success, or red failure banner will appear from the top.

Fixes: πŸ₯ 🩺

Missing "Effects" changes a products Menu Score

With this fix, if a product is missing effects information, it will lower a product menu score.

Dutchie Plus: THC range display bug

Previously, potency values for products in Dutchie+ were returning range values (ex. 25mg-50mg) for products that did not have potency ranges (25mg). This has now been fix, so the Products API will now show the correct potency ranges.

Duplicate specials can be editing independently

Previously, when a user duplicated a Special, the duplicated Special would be effected if the original specials settings were changed. This is now fixed so duplicating a Specials are always editable independently from the original.

Prevent zero quantity/price/discount Sales and Offers

With this fix, we've disabled the ability to create a Sale or Offer that has zero quantity, or zero $/% discount fields.

Bug fix for "Items for a price" rewards

Previously, users could experience a bug that would prevent them from creating a Offer reward as an "item for a price" when the Offer condition also had either the Total Weight, or Total Quantity condition enabled.

With this fix, users can create Offers with any combination of Total Quantity/Weight conditions with and "item for a price" reward.

Dispensary Admin can update settings in My Account

This fixes error when dispensary admins attempted any updates to their My Account page. Dispensary admins can now update their My Account information as needed.

"Deselect all" error when creating a Sale

Previously, if a user used the β€œDeselect all” button in Promote > Sale, was not working when clicked. This now works as expected and un-checks all items.

Error when attempting to print an order

This fixes and issue where users would sometimes encounter an error when attempting to print an individual order from the Orders tab.

Dutchie Terminal v2.7

In this newest version we've included the following fixes:

Jared Barrett

Jared Barrett

Sr. Product Marketing Manger