One Plant, one love, & one main tool for smooth online cannabis sales

One Plant isn’t just a chain of dispensaries throughout California—it’s a lifestyle. Their tagline is “We grow good times.” The 9-store dispensary chain started only 2 years ago and has grown quickly. They bring passion and excitement to the space and each location’s community.

We spoke with Ryan Bishara, the Vice President of Operations at One Plant, to understand what made the chain switch ecommerce providers and how it added to their long-term goals.

One Plant aims to normalize cannabis through friendly customer service and low-pressure sales tactics. Because let’s face it, the California retail market is full of lines. And, previously, dispensaries were blocked off, hidden, and often gated with a waiting room and check-in station.

“Traditionally, walking into a dispensary felt like you were going somewhere you shouldn’t and there was a stigma surrounding it, but when you walk into a One Plant store, you feel just like you would walking into a grocery store or a liquor store. You can touch, feel, and look at the items at your own pace.”

In our business structure, sales staff are available on the floor removing the need for customers to wait in a long line. This reduces the tension within the environment, which makes it a lower-pressure sales situation and focuses more on product knowledge.

Former ecommerce products left room for opportunity because they were more difficult to use, scale, and integrate.

“As we’ve grown, I’ve come to understand that it is a little bit different to teach one store and one team how to operate on a system, then it is to teach 10 stores and 200 people how to operate a system. Any very small flaw in the system that needs to be overcome by human intellect becomes very challenging at that scale.”

Ryan goes on to talk about how all of One Plant’s tools are now seamlessly connected.

“We operate with several different software platforms, so the quality of the integrations they have with one another is really important to us, something Dutchie has a solid history of successes with. We have the ability to directly communicate sales into the POS without any manual work, process loyalty through the Dutchie platform, and the ability for POS data points to pull through to our online menus—anything we’ve asked for, Dutchie’s been able to deliver.”

Without the right tech, managing their workflow was complicated and time-consuming.

In his time overseeing operations at the company, Ryan reports spending a lot of time vetting, choosing, and changing technology options.

“Now I can focus on optimizing our sales and marketing, Dutchie eliminated the need for a lot of manual work, and the support team structure makes Dutchie great at communicating.”

Ryan admits technology is not his primary area of expertise nor a common practice for his workforce. The time he allocated to troubleshooting technology caused much frustration and many issues throughout the business including reduced productivity and loss of revenue. Dutchie Ecommerce helped One Plant get back on track and refocus their priorities on their original business goals.

Ryan was attracted to the user experience on both ends of Dutchie Ecommerce, from the clean menu look to the easy order management.

“I continue to find the process quick and efficient for both our staff and our consumers. It’s easy to find the adjustable settings and customizability we were looking for. Customer basket sizes increased by 10% and the order management tools helped us expand our delivery operations.”

Chain managers have other challenges to worry about that are typical to cannabis retail shops, like maintaining inventory, staying compliant, security concerns, and balancing finances.

A straightforward man, Ryan speaks about regaining lost time at work:

“I like that I don’t have to think about maintaining our Dutchie platform with manpower and resources, so it frees up quite a bit of my time back to focus on other areas of my job.”

And time they gained. With real-time syncing, operators can rely on Dutchie’s Ecommerce menus. You can view their online menus at



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