Release notes (Apr 02-Apr 09, 2021)

Take a peek at the latest features and fixes from Dutchie!

Features: 🏗 🏪

Free Dutchie Messaging

You can now provide your customers with quick and easy chat support, right within the Dutchie platform—at no additional cost. Our built-in 2-way chat only needs a single text to get any conversation started, that's why 99% of texts sent through Dutchie Messaging get delivered

Learn More about Messaging by visiting Dutchie University.

Dutchie Reporting

Dutchie Reporting - filters

We introduced Dutchie Reporting, providing dispensaries more flexibility when exporting data. With Reporting, users can now filter their orders and customers exports to easily show the data their looking for.

Custom loyalty program name

We've added a text input field to the integration cards for loyalty rewards providers such as AlpineIQ, Springbig, and Sprout. This provides more flexibility for dispensaries to customize the naming of their customer loyalty program

Cannveya support for reservation times

We've improved our Cannveya integration to support Scheduled Ordering. With this release, when a driver is viewing an order in Cannveya, the delivery task now includes a scheduled order time.

Google Analytics v4 support for dispensaries

We now support the newest version of Google Analytics v4 within Dutchie.

Fixes: 🏥 🩺

iFrame checkout: 18+ Canadian Customers can create accounts

We've update our account verifications to allow Canadian users aged 18-20 to create an account at checkout on iFrame menus. This fix removes the need to 18+ customer in Canada to input medical card information

Springbig rewards being blocked by product weight discounts

Previously, when there was a sale on a specific weight (but not all weights) of a product, customers could not apply any Springbig rewards.

Example: Mimosa Flower 1/4th on Sale. If customer puts Mimosa Flower 1/8th in cart, they should be able to apply a Reward (since this weight is not already on sale).

Bug preventing manual quantity updates on menu items

Previously, when an admin user clicked into a specific Menu item the user could not edit the inventory quantity, specifically the quantity field.

This is now fixed so dispensary admins can change the product quantity.

Include drivers license for logged-in users placing an order

When a logged-in customer checks out, their driver's license number was not saved along with their order. Now, this information is shown with the order for reference.

Improved Customer search performance

We've improved the search performance when doing a customer lookup.

Jared Barrett

Jared Barrett

Sr. Product Marketing Manger