Release notes (July 09-July 16, 2021)

Take a peek at the latest features and fixes from Dutchie!

Features: 🏗 🏪

New Tooltip for Menu Item Strain Types

The release adds a new tooltip in Menu > Specific Menu Item next to “Type”. This tooltip clarifies that pre-selected Effects will change when the Strain Type is changed to another strain (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, etc.) that already has pre-selected effects.

Fixes: 🏥 🩺

Active Offers not showing all eligible products

Fixes issue with Offers Eligible Items on consumer menus. Previously, products that should have been included with Eligible Items were not being displayed. This is now fixed, and all eligible products will now be displayed as Eligible Items within an active Order.

Jared Barrett

Jared Barrett

Sr. Product Marketing Manger