Release notes (June 18-June 25, 2021)

Take a peek at the latest features and fixes from Dutchie!

Features: πŸ— πŸͺ

New Messaging Permissions

This release provides dispensary admins with more control over the permissions they can provide to users of their Dutchie account. Now in Settings > Users > Edit User, we've updated the permissions logic so users cannot have Messaging permission if they do not have permission to access customer Orders. If Orders is unchecked, Messaging will be auto-unchecked.

Additionally, admins can provide their users with access to Orders without enabling them access to Messaging.

Fixes: πŸ₯ 🩺

Mobile: Add Pagination to Past Orders

On mobile, this fix adds page numbers to the bottom of Admin > Orders, allowing users to select the β€œNext Page” action when more than 20 Results are shown.

Mobile: Display Search Bar for Past Orders

Adds a search bar to the top of Admin > Orders to allow admins to search for Past Orders.

Fixes an error that would cause Offers Carousels to not show up properly when embedded on the embedded menu.

Fixes external links within embedded carousels that are hosted on a dispensaries website pages outside of the iFrame (eg. "Daily Deals" webpage).

Jared Barrett

Jared Barrett

Sr. Product Marketing Manger