Interactive education: Terpenes and Cannabinoids

Help your budtenders modernize customer knowledge of these synergistic plant properties for more efficient, consistent, and robust product selection.

As a cannabis retailer, how much do you emphasize cannabis education? In the years following state-by-state legalization, most budtenders are trained to be proficient in the properties of the cannabis plant. As a software provider for retailers, we are also passionate about consumer education. A well-rounded understanding leads to informed purchase decisions and a more satisfactory experience.

Modernize the thinking around cannabis

Outdated knowledge about cannabis and its true effects can add to the misconception that one type (indica, sativa, hybrid) has one primary effect. In a previous post, I explained further nuances of the plant, like the two major compounds that indicate what specific effects each strain may cause and how our bodies receive that information. These two compounds work in unison, and are known as terpenes and cannabinoids.

Terpenes are essentially the scent combination of a particular cultivar. An understanding of terpenes will almost give the consumer a virtual jar to imagine. It paints a narrative of the plant, its scent and taste, and makes ecommerce shopping feel more tangible.

As a quick refresher, cannabinoids can help the user predict their body’s reaction to the high: which senses will be heightened, which parts of the body may be affected. Cannabinoids ebb and flow with your body’s chemistry.

Most potential users are concerned with the contents of the plant that they would be consuming, and rightly so. Testing data provides answers and removes the mystery from this natural, newly regulated substance.

Single-sourced information

As soon as customers become informed, they are able to make better decisions about high-quality cannabis products. Those who have specific parameters for why they consume cannabis can learn from their budtender, or teach themselves with articles and research. Ecommerce aims to simplify this with the creation of virtual education through various channels. Your customers probably don't want to have to constantly be searching for strain information, or trying to interpret chemical compounds and plant genetics from scientific research. Instead, they want the online support of a product specialist from the comfort of their own home, from one reliable resource.

Informed purchase decisions

Product knowledge tools can enable consumers to make informed decisions and reduce their unfamiliarity with the plant. Helping with the lack of product insight also diminishes the number of unsatisfied customers who didn't get the exact effect they were looking for. Consumers are looking for robust details that make a product stand out in their search for overall wellness.

Dutchie is here to help your budtenders modernize customer knowledge for more efficient, consistent, and robust product selection with our new feature.

A digital solution for testing information

Dutchie is launching the industry’s first feature to engage and educate your customers with interactive terpene and cannabinoid drop-downs right on your ecommerce menu. Consumers and retailers alike crave those rich details. For terpenes, this information appears as a circular graph of clear and accurate data gleaned directly from the product’s testing information. For cannabinoids, the information appears as a series of fill bars. Both of these features enlightens your customer base and also offers them a more engaging, interactive experience on the menu.

Improve your product listings

Facilitate your shoppers by adding informative details to each product through our genetic library. Helpful learning icons are included to help your customers visualize the genetic background of each product. The icons show either an aromatic symbol for terpenes or the molecular structure of a particular cannabinoid. These visual cues act as an associative technique for scientific education. Like the plant itself, this menu feature is about stimulating the senses which engages the customer and expands their interest.

Increase sales and average order value

It’s common knowledge that the longer a shopper spends on your website, the more likely they are to make a purchase. Adding reputable and cross-verified information can only help boost trust in the product for a consistent high, everytime. Now, this important genetic information is directly connected to the product. It engages the customer to connect to each product on a new level.

Once consumers are comfortable “budtending” themselves, they can grow their knowledge to more sophisticated products. It might increase the sales of higher value products once the user understands the complex process in preserving terpenes, but it should certainly open the eyes of those who shop based on THC percentages alone.

Cannabis education is the primary driver in making your menu more engaging. Dutchie aims to facilitate this by creating visual representations of the plant for an interactive learning experience. To see both the Terpene and Cannabinoid features in action, log into your Dutchie account, or schedule a demo here:

Kat Kuchtjak

Kat Kuchtjak

Bend, OR